Australia Regional Trade Agreements And Member Countries

· Requires both parties to authorize the seizure, degradation and destruction of counterfeit and illegally manufactured goods and equipment used in their manufacture. Also provides for the enforcement of goods in transit in order to prevent infringements from using ports or free trade areas for trade in unconsused goods. Measures can be taken ex officio in cross-border and criminal cases, allowing for more effective implementation. · The two countries also commit to extending the non-discriminatory scope of the agreement to sub-central bodies and will cooperate in the coming weeks with their respective states and territories to refine the scope of this coverage. The Commission found that, although preferential agreements may benefit from certain advantages, unilateral reforms and non-discriminatory trade liberalisation offer greater advantages. · These commitments are particularly important and economically important, as Australia is one of the few developed countries not party to the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement. · Emphasis is placed on promoting compliance through consultations, joint action plans and trade-enhancing remedies. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) gives Australian businesses a competitive advantage….