Comcast No Term Agreement Vs 1 Year Agreement

I have always been a customer for a few years. The last time I was at Comcast in the last 15 months. Meanwhile, I had no issues with the cable/internet service and the customer service/support was relatively awesome. But last week was the most frustrating experience I`ve ever had with a big company. On May 22, I requested the cancellation of the service because I moved. The representative I dealt with was helpful and convinced me to stay with Comcast after first asking for the end of my service. At the end of the call, he confirmed to me that my appointment for the relocation of my department was for next Saturday (May 27) and that a technician would be in my new residence between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. The 27th arrived and 1 hour ended up approaching. I was still moving, but I made it my mission to be in the new residence at 1 p.m. to let the technicians in to do their job.

4:30 pm is approaching and I have not received a call or update of my appointment. I contacted Comcast and was hanged twice (no one could call back) before finally talking to someone. She said I had to wait for a call from a technician 15 minutes before arrival. She asked me how long I was, and I told her it was 4:40 a.m., which is 40 minutes after the time that was suggested they would be there. She then changed her story (after checking her grades) and told me that I had set my appointment for the 30th (not the 27th) between the hours of 10 am to 12 pm. After explaining to her that there was no way to make an appointment that far away on a day when there would be no one in the house, she kept telling me that everything in the system was actually correct information and professionally insinuates that I am lying. She redirected me to customer service because there was “nothing she could do.” The next employee seemed really caring, but she explained that she would have me contacted by a supervisor as soon as possible to help me. She asked for the best contact and told me that I was going to get a call shortly. Two hours later, still no call. I decide to (re)call back and ask the representative if I can speak to a superior immediately. The representative informed me that a supervisor was not available and that I had to wait for a call later that day.

At that time, it was 6:30 pm and I explained to him in detail my experience that day with customer service and customer service. After sharing my frustration, I frankly felt like he didn`t care and kept telling me that I couldn`t talk to a superior because he wasn`t available. .