Sample Expert Witness Agreement

In addition to the following example agreement, some related resources are available on this site: This agreement is reached between the name of Expert, the advisor, and Linda Lawyer, the client`s lawyer. The purpose of this agreement is to provide the services of the advisor with respect to the case of Each time the advance is exhausted, a subsequent advance of [an amount equal to 10 times the physician`s hourly rate] is immediately due, against which each additional hour will be charged at the [hourly rate] rate per hour. Unlike the initial case opening, verification and consultation fees, which are ten times the non-refundable hourly rate of the expert, the unused portion of one of these subsequent services [an amount equal to ten times the expert`s hourly rate] (during that period prior to the appointment or authorization of the expert) is returned if my services are no longer required. Chapter 5 examined the different approaches by which witnesses and expert counsel reach an agreement on royalties. This appendix provides an example of a pricing agreement. It is important that the written agreement provide a clear understanding between the lawyer and the expert as to how to calculate and pay the fees. Each time the advance is exhausted, a subsequent advance (for work within [the city or city]) is immediately allowed to testify at a maximum of 10 times the expert`s hourly rate, against which each additional hour is charged at the [hourly rate] rate per hour. It goes without saying that the opposing lawyer pays my hourly fees for the deposit itself at the time of the dismissal. [As mentioned in Chapter 5, the party or parties that, for the payment of an expert for the time spent on filing, varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.] The disqualification of an expert in the middle of the trial can be devastating in one case. It is therefore important to discuss and locate in writing the existence of potential conflicts of interest. A potential conflict of interest may exist if the expert has previously been hired by the opposing party or recruited as an expert.

Ideally, an expert should have no connection with the opposing party.