Thekedar Agreement In Hindi

More information about your rights and obligations as well as the construction process yah jankari pakar mujhe bahut achha laga, main bahut dino se is prkar ki jankari lena chahta tha! 2. Ask for a disclosure details and checklist guruji lawyer thanks to the reader to the blog and read the article here, if you have an appropriate question suo facside you want to know the answer, you can ask for it by placing it in the comment field. Note: Don`t just comment on links, URLs, etc. 3. Seek legal advice before signing 1. Always make a written deal Your home is one of your big investments and you want to keep it safe and yourself. This requires a wise decision in the construction process. Owners have certain rights and obligations to ensure that construction work is correct so that any construction or renovation can proceed smoothly.

This is called “consumer safety measures” and is part of construction law. The main measures are: