Transfer Agreements Osu

LD: Some lower division transfer courses may be equated with OSU courses in the upper division, and credits are considered a lower division and are not charged on the 60 higher league credits required. These are tools and instructions that will help you in your transfer process. The application of your transfer credit upon graduation will be determined by your university college after you enroll. Our scientific departments determine what credits are used to meet the requirements of the study. The purpose of articulation agreements is to enable cooperation for programmatic purposes, including by allowing the portability of students from one university to another. Most of the following agreements allow students to complete the first two years of the requirement for a certain major (and an associate degree) and move to Ohio State to obtain a bachelor`s degree. The goal of the consortium agreements is an agreement between eligible schools, which allows students to attend classes at another college or university by providing different types of assistance to Ohio State University. “Transfer students are an important part of our student body and we appreciate the Redlands who are working with us on this agreement,” said Dr. Ken Eastman, Dean of the Spears School of Business. “We know it will be easier for their students to get to Spears, and we hope that a number of Redland students will benefit.” Ohio State University has developed articulated programming pathways with a number of Ohio community colleges and technical institutions. These courses aim to enable students to transfer credits efficiently and transparently to obtain a bachelor`s degree in a oriented discipline. Ohio State University is committed to meeting with students at Columbus State throughout the year.

OSU employees who visit Columbus State welcome students who have just started their studies at Columbus State for those who have graduated and are accepted as transfer students at osU. OSU student representatives meet with students online via Zoom (under the link below) and can answer general and specific questions about the application and university admission process, as well as general questions about financial support, scholarships, acceptance fees and orientation. Future Students: Sign up for Transfer Equivalency Self-Services and learn how your credits are transferred to OSU closing programs. For two-year colleges in Oregon and Hawaii, check out the Baccalaureate Core Link to see courses that meet the GENERAL educational requirements of the OSU. Otherwise, the “All OSU Joints” link contains an alphabetical list of accepted transfer courses. More information on the impact of Pass/No Pass on your transfer credit with OSU can be found in our frequently asked questions. Transfer agreements allow Redlands students who obtain a business management degree to move seamlessly to the OSU Spears School of Business, where they can obtain a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with the main effects in financing, management, marketing and general enterprise. The four majors are available on campus or online and can be finalized two years after graduation at Redlands.

“We are pleased to offer our students more opportunities for continuing education within the state,” said Jack Bryant, President of the Redlands.